Marshall & Field Marshall Tractors.

William Marshall founded The Britannia Works at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire in 1848, for many years the company were renowned for their steam powered products and their threshing machines.  The first internal combustion powered tractor, the 'Colonial' petrol-paraffin fuelled machine was produced in 1908.

In 1930 the 15/30, the first Marshall diesel tractor was introduced.  Based on the Lanz Bulldog design it had a single cylinder two-stroke engine with a bore of 8 inches with a 10 inch stroke, maximum r.p.m. was 550.  An improved version the 18/30 was made between 1932 and 1934.  In 1935 the 12/20 was introduced.

During 1936 Marshall's became associated with Thomas Ward Ltd of Sheffield.  An improved version of the 12/20 tractor was launched as the Model M in 1938.  With most of Marshall's resources devoted to war work few tractors were produced during WW II.

1945 saw the resumption of tractor production with the launch of the new Field Marshall Series I.  In 1946 John Fowler of Leeds joined the Marshall Thomas Ward association.  The Series I tractor was replaced by an improved Series II version in 1947.  1949 saw the introduction of the Series III  and the final series of single cylinder Field Marshall's was the Series IIIA produced from 1952 to 1957.

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Marshall Model M Tractor 1939 Field Marshall Series II Tractor
Field Marshall Series I Tractor 1946 Field Marshall Series II Tractor Image 2
Field Marshall Series II Tractor Detail 1
Field Marshall Series II Tractor Detail 2
Field Marshall Series III Tractor 1950

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