International Harvester Tractors
Part Two.

The International Harvester - McCormick-Deering tractors featured in this section were all built at the United Kingdom IH factory's at Doncaster or Bradford.

The all new International Harvester factory was opened at Doncaster on land purchased from Doncaster Corporation in 1938, but due to the onset of war it was requisitioned by the government for munitions works.  It was not to be until September 1949, before the first british built Farmall M assembled from imported parts was driven off the assembly line in by Mr. Tom Williams, Minister of Agriculture.

On the 30th June 1951 the first truly British-built tractor, a Farmall M, was completed and driven from the assembly line.  In 1952 the first British built first diesel tractor, was introduced into the product range. This was known as the Farmall BMD model.

Post war demand for the International Harvester - McCormick Farmall range of tractors was such, that British tractor production facilities were expanded when the International Harvester Company acquired the former Jowett car and van factory at Idle, Bradford.  This enabled the company to provide a range of tractors that suited for the needs of farmers from those who required fleets of large powerful tractors to the small holder, who's requirement was for a small yet versatile tractor which would provide reliable service at the least cost for the maximum length of time, which many continue to do faithfully to this day.

Over the years the consistent quality of the products of the International Harvester - McCormick-Deering Farmall tractor Company in all it's various guises has led to devotees of the tractors referring to them simply as: "Red Power"  a very apt reference to the products that have been valued by hundreds of thousands of farmers World-Wide for nearly one hundred years.

The International Harvester was acquired by the Argo group of Italy in 2000 and today trades as McCormick Tractors International Limited.

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International Farmall BMD Tractor International McCormick Super BWD 6 Tractor
International Farmall BMD Diesel Tractor International Harvester B275 Diesel Tractor
International Farmall W6 Standard Tractor Detail 1 International Harvester B275 Diesel Tractor 1961
International Farmall W6 Standard Tractor Detail 2 International Harvester B275 Tractor 1961 Detail 1
International Farmall W6 Standard Tractor Detail 3 International Harvester B275 Tractor 1961 Detail 2
International Farmall W6 Standard Tractor International Harvester B414 Diesel Tractor 1962
International McCormick Farmall H Tractor International Harvester B614 Tractor
International McCormick Farmall B450 Roadless Tractor

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