Market Garden Tractors.

The late 1940's and the 1950's were the heydays for maker of light light tractors designed for the market gardener and the small holder.  Many had sufficient work which made the use of a horse essential, when their working days were over they were often replaced by either a two-wheeled or a small four-wheeled tractor.

Many of the designs were to say the least rather quirky, most needed purpose built cultivation tools and poor reliability was often a serious issue.  Few of these tractors were fitted with self starters, some used a starting handel, others, similar systems to those fitted to contemporary motor cycles, and some were started by wrapping a piece of cord around a special pulley attached to the flywheel.

Many makers products were almost as expensive as the Ferguson TE range of tractors, once Ferguson tractors started appearing on the second-hand market at less cost than a new product from the makers of light tractors, the market for them was effectively reduced to the very few tasks which the Ferguson was incapable of.

While there is a healthy market for garden tractors today, those built since the mid-to late 1960's look exactly like small versions of full size tractors.

Garner Light Tractor 1949 Ransomes MG 5 Crawler Tractor 1948
Newman WD 2 Light Rowcrop Tractor 1950 Ransomes MG 5 Crawler Tractor & Plough
Pattison RCT Light Tractor 1954 Two Wheel Market Garden Tractor

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