B.M.B. President Tractors

The B.M.B. President was the largest tractor in the B.M.B. range it was manufactured by Brockhouse Engineering at Southport between 1950 and 1956.

Brockhouse Engineering were already well known for the two-wheeled JAP engine powered B.M.B Cult-Mate, Hoe-Mate, and Plow-Mate garden tractors originaly made in the 1930's by British Motor Boats of London and Later of Banbury.

In 1954 a vinyard version of the B.M.B. President was introduced, sadly by that time sales of the B.M.B. President and other small tractors were in decline and production ceaased in 1956.

A later version of the B.M.B. President tractor made by H. J. Stockton of London was exhibited at the 1957 Smithfiels Show, it is not known if any were sold.

B.M.B. President tractors were powered by the four cylinder Morris 8 side valve engine.  This was essentialy the same unit which powered the Morris Minor up to 1952.  The bore and stroke were 57 x 90 mm  cubic capicity 918.6 cc  Horsepower rated at 10 h.p.

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B.M.B. President Tractor B.M.B. President Tractor View 2
B.M.B. President Tractor 1951 B.M.B. President Tractor Detail 1
B.M.B. President Tractor B.M.B. President Tractor Detail 3
B.M.B. President Tractor Detail 4

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