Newman WD 2 Light Rowcrop Tractor 1950

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Newman WD 2 Light Row-crop Tractor 1950

The Newman Light Row-crop Tractor was first manufactured by Newman Industries at Bristol in 1948.  Motive power was provided by a10.5 h.p. or an optional 12 h.p. Coventry Victor air-cooled petrol engine.  An improved three-wheeled Newman WD 2 with a Coventry Victor water-cooled single cylinder diesel engine appeared in 1949.  The WD 2 was fitted with a single plate dry clutch and transmission was via a conventional three forward and one reverse speed gearbox.  Top speed was a little under 9 m.p.h. and independent brakes were fitted.  The price of the tractor in standard specification was £330, optional power take-off, belt pulley and hydraulic pulley increased the price to £420.12s.  In comparison a New Ferguson TED 20 cost £335.