International McCormick Farmall B450 Roadless

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IInternational McCormick Farmall B450 Roadless

The International McCormick Farmall B450 Tractor launched in 1958 was a re-styled version of the BWD 6.  The engine was a four cylinder indirect injection diesel unit of 55 h.p.  The transmission was via a five forward and one reverse gearbox.  Standard features were differential lock and self-energising disc brakes.  An engine mounted pump provided the live category II hydraulic system with thin oil from a separate reservoir which gave all-weather response.  The B450 was fitted with a two-stage response control designed to improve traction in hard-going conditions.  The first two thirds of movement with the control lever progressively transferred implement weight on to the tractor and the final third was used to raise it from work.  The 1959 price for the B450 was £795 plus £90 for the optional power take-off and hydraulic linkage.

In 1963 Roadless Traction Ltd. of Hounslow, Middlesex introduced a four-wheel drive version of the Farmall B450 (as the example above) which they continued to manufacture until 1970.