International Harvester Titan 10-20 Tractor Detail 2

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International Harvester Titan 10-20 Tractor 1919 Detail 2

1919 International Harvester Titan 10-20 Tractor.  The brass coloured object mounted above the engine is the KW magneto, when starting it is set to impulse so that it gives a spring-assisted ‘flick’ as the engine turns over, so giving a nice strong spark.  The device just above and slightly to the rear of the flywheel is the mixer, a device which is, part fuel tank, part carburetor, part heater and part water injector. The tank section contains a small quantity of petrol to facilitate cold starting, the carburetor section has a fuel metering jet which allowed the operator to make adjustments for starting and smooth running, the heater section draws in pre-heated air from around the exhaust silencer, cool air in directly from the atmosphere, or a mixture of both, for an engine to run correctly on kerosene it must be heated until it becomes vaporised.  A valve on the mixer automatically supplied a water to fuel mixture in proportion to the fuel being consumed.