International Harvester Titan 10-20 Tractor Detail 1

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International Harvester Titan 10-20 Tractor 1919 Detail 1

The 1919 International Harvester Titan 10-20 Kerosene Tractor.  With no fewer than 12 oil pumps the Titan tractor demanded a high level of maintenance, six of the pumps, pump oil up to a set of visible drippers so that the operator can see that see that oil is getting where it is needed. From the oil pump the oil is pumped at positive pressure to key points such as main bearings and cylinder walls using the total loss principle.  The tappets and rockers have oil pockets (as above) stuffed with sheep’s wool to prevent it running away too fast. The push-rods and many other components were dependent on the operator giving them a squirt or two from an oil can from time to time.